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Carrie's Delightful Thoughts...

Carrie Dorough

About Me:

What is there to tell? I'm a very feminine woman, but I'm also very strong-minded.

I'm about to receive my Masters degree in sociology (human resources is my specialty) and I have several side jobs, including some teaching and modeling (which go so well together!).

I love Florida--the beaches, the unpredictable weather, the blue skies and humid days full of sunshine. I can't imagine living anywhere else ... but let's face it, anything can happen!

I like playing on line, but this year I've been pretty lazy about it. I have a boyfriend I originally met on line--a guy who has rocked my world in more ways than one. He's made me look at things differently, including myself. And I love him for it. I'm so lucky to know him, because he has friends around the world (in both high and low places). (Hi, Czar Nikky! nk_seashore)

I've also made many wonderful friends on line--primarily in the Yahoo world. I haven't made as many friends at LJ as I should, but maybe that will change ... (Want to add me? At least I don't spam--lol!)

I was a big Backstreet fan (and I guess I still am). I'll always love the Boys, especially Sweet D. (lol) BSB brought Nikky and me together, and that's probably the best thing they ever did for me.

And I'm crazy for fics--especially slash. (I've even tried writing some fics--with encouragement from Nikky! And Evamaria shirasade was sweet enough to host me on her site.)

I always promise to be more faithful to this LJ, but I've never been good at promises about being faithful. Luckily my friends and loved ones (yes you, Nikky!) seem to understand and not hold this particular quality too dear.

There are so many people to know and so many wonderful things to experience. I want to share!