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Just Carrie stuff --

Pommy has a little cold, and I’m trying not to obsess about it. She certainly isn’t ‘elderly’ by my take on that term, but I can’t help worrying about complications whenever she gets the least bit sick. I guess this comes from really having no other family but her (and an aunt, uncle and cousin, that is). When you lose your parents at a young age, maybe you’re just afraid of the thought of losing someone else.

I have to admit I don’t think that much about it, really. I was lucky to be raised by my grandmother, and we’re wonderful friends more than anything. Sometimes I don’t tell her enough how much I love and appreciate her ... for that matter, do any of us tell each other enough?

Anyway, I’ve been fortunate to avoid ‘bugs’ this season (I mean the kind that make you sick). It’s easier here in Florida, because it’s not freezing cold ... but the air conditioning can sometimes breed germs and spread them. And all the tourists bring their germs with them. The flu season is the flu season, whether you live in Kansas or Hawaii!

Wow, Nikky was Czar Spammer yesterday! Plus he wrote a fic! He must have had some sort of inspiration, since he’s been a Sims hermit for the past week or so ... and he’s totally outdone me on the slash lists. I gotta think up some really good ones in the next few days!

Nikky also took the time to make my Trista/Tristan icon (thank you, baby!). He worked hard on it, but I’m pretty disappointed with the Tristan photos. Oh, well. He may tweak it or go black & white.

Ran for an hour last night. Taking tonight off, doing upper body on Saturday, then getting up early Sunday and hitting the trail. If I’m going to do an early morning race, I better start training in the early morning! (ugh ugh ugh)

Got a surprise email from Mistress Marilyn about the half-marathon! She’s hoping to do one herself around her birthday (first part of April). She wants to be long-distance training buddies. How great! She’s agreed to get up Sunday morning, as well. Since we have a couple time zones between us, I’ll be done before she starts, probably ... but we’re going to encourage each other. (what fun!)

“Are You Hot?” just rocked last night! (why do I love that show ... nobody else seems to) I had a few friends who tried out but didn’t make it. No, I’m not ‘hot’ enough for that show (and like I pointed out somewhere, my upper legs don’t touch in the center and that’s evidently a no-no.) But I just really admire these people with the guts to get up there. And they are physically beautiful. The guys seem more so than the girls, at least last night. But I loved Wendy, the natural cowgirl ... she was much more like me, rather than the big-busted blondes.

That’s all the time I have. Didn’t bring a lunch today, so I’m starving now (after a scone and a latte). And I could use a nap, since I ran around midnight last night. But overall I’m feeling good and motivated ... and even a little ‘hot’!
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