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It's getting warm in here ...

Poor, poor Nikky! I’m so sorry for him.

I’ll try not to mention that it was 80 degrees here today, because I know how he and his family have suffered in the horrible cold. (Have I ever mentioned that I hate snow, except in a photo or movie or something ... as long as it’s not really touching me in any way, and even then it can make me shiver in a bad way.)

Anyway, it was nice to be Nikky’s LJ Valentine, but it was frustrating to have somebody else choose me – and the stupid announcement doesn’t say who! So, I had a mystery valentine, and I have no idea how to find out who it is ... if whoever it is happens to read this, please let me know! It’s so flattering and fun, but what a flaw that the stupid thing doesn’t even let you know who chose you!

Tomorrow is Brian Littrell’s birthday. (He’s really 28?!) Hmmm ... “Backstreet Men” doesn’t really ring my bell ... I’m glad most guys stay “boys” their whole lives! I put a couple announcements at the lists, hoping someone would unveil a new fic tomorrow. But unless JamesR stays up all night tonight, it probably won’t happen!

Just thought I’d mention, I have two weeks left of gorging on the sweets. After Fat Tuesday (March 4 for you non-Catholics), I plan on giving up desserts, ice cream, candy and other major treats through Easter. It’s the only way I’ll ever get really serious about Dr. Atkins’ plan! (btw, alcohol does not count as a “sweet,” regardless of the sugar or carbs)

So, can I be ready to do a half-marathon by April? That’s a long way to run ... (don't laugh, Nikky!)

Nikky, where are you? Holed up with a game of Sims? Have you invented a ‘Carrie’ yet? Are you staying warm? Email me immediately and let me know you’re okay! I’m listening to Nick Carter and sipping some wine – decided to skip the run and just veg. It’s going down to a chilly 65 degrees tonight, so I gotta stay bundled up!

Before I get any more annoying, I better sign off!
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