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Here we go again trying to post!

I've been trying to post either a comment or an entry all day, and the "database (has been) unavailable." Aaaarrggh! Very annoying when you're doing it from work and have very little time.

I could barely get in the system all day, and when I did, it wouldn't let me post anything. So, here it is the middle of the night (and I just watched the last chapter of the Henry VIII story on the History Channel), so I might as well give it a try.

Got the 'Signs' DVD yesterday (along with a free bottle of Coke--go figure)! I watched the deleted scenes and extra stuff last night. There was one deleted scene that was really wonderful, with an alien trying to get in through the attic and Merrill holding it shut until his brother gets a shelf to prop it closed. Then they have a fascinating talk before they go into the basement about a time when they were kids and Graham accidently dislocated Merrill's arm.

I just love that movie. I find it more and more fascinating from a philosophical standpoint. It's really brilliant. It can certainly take some getting used to, because I remember when I first started watching it, I was a little put off. I couldn't figure out what was really going on from the standpoint of tone or p.o.v. But it takes hold.

It (was) in the low 70s today, really very comfortable (although hardly summery). It's actually supposed to rain this weekend or early next week. Still, I can't help thinking about all my friends in those wintery places. Hope you're all staying warm and dry!

Evamaria shirasade shared something very disturbing in her journal about JK Rowlings getting all worked up about Harry Potter slash. I tried to comment about it three different times, and the damn comment finally posted now.

I hate it when the real world notices slash. It can never be a good thing to have the world look too closely at what we like to read and write, because the world is too judgmental and the laws are made by conservatives and phonies who like to pretend to be perfect (and do their sinning in private). (Sorry, Nikky ... this was not a rank on all Republicans. This transcends politics or nationalities.)

Anyway, I hope this dies down instead of picking up steam. It could be a problem.

So, I hear it was Alex's birthday today (Thursday, although 'today' is now really Friday). Happy birthday to her! And I read at RCFriends that Charlie will be having her surgery. Best wishes to her for a relatively pain-free experience.

Well, even though I took a nap tonight, I'm going to be tired tomorrow if I don't head to bed. As Backstreet says in 'The Call,' gotta go!
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