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Ho, ho, ho!

Christmas Eve.

Gonna do the friend thing tonight, coffee with Suze and Jaime and Carole and a couple of their boys. (At least the boys being there will keep Suze from obsessing about her latest tale of smoking weed with Justin T. or whatever!) Probably holiday coffee with good stuff included, although not too much because I have to drive to Boca Raton to spend the night with Pommy. She looks forward to it so much, and Christmas Eve and Christmas morning are our favorite times. Tonight we'll have warm wine and Christmas carols, maybe watch some TV together, then tomorrow morning we'll have pancakes and jam, coffee and eggnog.

And by noon I'll be headed home and Pommy will be headed to the golf course to join her foursome for their annual Christmas nine holes (used to be 18).

There's nothing like the south Florida lifestyle. I feel sorry for all the people in the cold and rain (and snow, for that matter). I guess I wouldn't mind going to a snowy place for skiing and hot chocolate over the holidays, but I sure wouldn't want to drive in it and go to work and go shopping and all the other things you have to do. Blecccch.

I'm taking the Josh Groban CD/DVD Nikky sent me for Christmas along, because it has his version of "O Holy Night" on it. Wonderful.

Some time I need to do an entry all about Josh Groban and his music and how wonderful it feels to be touched all over while that amazing voice is singing love songs (in Italian, no less!). Wow. Thank you, Nikky, for giving me an appreciation for this talented man. Pommy is going to love him (because he's cute, too). And I'll take the DVD of Josh to show her on the DVD player I got her for her birthday. (It's good for her to keep up with technology! Yes, she has a computer, too.) I have a nice assortment of DVDs for her this Christmas ... if she ends up loving Josh, I'll get her that one, too.

I think I might take a nice long run on Christmas Day (when I get home), just to see how far along I am. Or a long nap, then a run. Or a long nap, then some IMing or talking on the phone. Maybe I'll forget the run altogether.

Decisions, decisions ...!

If only this holiday season weren't marred by the horrible prospect of more war, I'd be feeling especially Christmasy. But yesterday I was listening to my CD of NOW Christmas, and I cried during two songs! One was John Lennon's "Happy Christmas (War is Over)" and the other was "Do They Know it's Christmas?" by Band Aid (back when musicians were supposedly into causes for more than just self-promotion).

Yes, I'm a bleeding-heart liberal (and Nikky is laughing as he reads this), and I'm naïve about the world and the people in it sometimes. Or I'm just cynical about politics and the people in Washington (sorry, Nikky).

But war will just perpetuate the hatred that's already led to so many deaths. (And give the U.S. control of Saddam's oil, I guess.)

I'm just one of those saps who doesn’t understand how the death penalty can discourage murder or how war can end the threat of nuclear weapons. Call me crazy.

Well, I'm not going to get hung up on all that today. I lost my post about politics, which may be for the best (since Big Brother is watching us nowadays). No, I don't mind that Nikky and his family are dyed-in-the-wool (and I mean wool!) Republicans and work to support a government that makes me more nervous all the time. And if Nikky can reconcile his political affiliation with his liberal point of view about life in general, then I guess I can. I agree with him that the Democratic Party is a joke right now, and we don't have a viable candidate anyway.

What? Am I still talking politics!

It's Christmas Eve. At least we can pretend there's peace on earth today.

I hope all my LJ friends and the RCFriends and everyone else I know on line has a wonderful and safe holiday! (I hope Howie D. and his family have the same.) And in one of my next entries I'll post my New Year's wishes and plans.

Best wishes to all!
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