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Yeah, I'm still around ...

Life remains as hectic as ever. When will it ever slow down? (Never! Well … actually, it will slow down pretty soon.) This is a great time of year when it comes to the social side of life, but when you're rushing to get everything else done, it's hard to find the time. Next week is finals, but I only have one to do -- and it's a paper I'm almost finished with and a presentation that will be a breeze.

Then I have until January 6 until classes begin again. The great thing is, if things work out, I should be finished with classes after that -- I'll just need to get the rest of my stuff turned in to finish the degree (unless they make me do another summer teaching stint).

And my job is off from the 23rd until the 6th -- so I'll have a couple weeks vacation! What will I do with all that time? Seems like an incredible break after the past few months.

I started to write this two days ago and never got it posted! I'm hopeless …

Poor Nikky in all that cold and snow. I know he hates it. He sounded so bummed when I talked to him last night. Have I mentioned lately that I love Florida?

I feel so completely out of it on line. I haven't kept up the journal, and Nik is really the only person I stay in touch with at this point. And often we talk on the phone, now, so I don't even know if he counts anymore (as 'on line' I mean).

Anyway, it was Charlie (from RCFriends) birthday this week. Happy birthday to her! And it was Britney Spears' 21st birthday on Monday. And today is Aaron Carter's birthday (is he 15 now?!). Anyway, Nikky mentioned that. I miss the celebrity journals, which nobody seems to keep up on now.

Maybe I can write more on the lists and in this journal (and even fic??!!) during my break. We'll see. Carrie the Party Girl may re-emerge. Anything could happen.

Let's see. What else? I love Christina's 'Beautiful.' Great message song for young women (I hope they're listening). I really like J-Lo's cd (surprisingly good). Justin's new video is freaky. He needs a shrink, I think. The song's okay.

New icon from Nik! (hot) Thanks, guy!

Better get this posted before I get distracted again! Off I go.
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