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Thankful for Nikky ...

(okay, I'm nearly crying because I wrote a wonderful post and then lost it -- my own fault, I admit -- but it's so frustrating!)

I got an email from Nikky today, and it made me feel so warm and happy, I just had to share. I hope I can recreate what I was writing originally (before I was interrupted by an awful call from a friend who just went back on chemotherapy), although I know it's nearly impossible.

I know we all can be self-centered sometimes. I'm certainly a great example of that. Recently it's been all about me and less about my friends and the rest of the world. It's wonderful when someone just reaches out and says it's okay to put yourself first and give yourself a break sometimes. I know we all deserve one, but sometimes it's hard to remember. So, thank you, Nikky, for reminding me.

I love how unexpected Nikky is. How does he know when I need one of his wonderful emails or one of his beautiful icons? It's like magic!

I'm so lucky to know a person as giving as Nikky. He just has so much to give, like his advice and his experience. He's so generous with his knowledge and his know-how, and he shares nearly every day with people at his LJ communities. Mostly he's generous with himself, with his emotions and his opinions and his passions.

He's become a wonderful icon-maker, for instance, and he's always open to helping others (like me!) learn his tricks. (Which reminds me that I could use some new icons pretty soon ...)

He was the same way with fic-writing. I think he was never appreciated as much as he deserved for all his fabulous feedback and efforts to help others improve (for what that's worth ...).

His zest ... his zeal ... his childlike appreciation for things. There are so many things that bring so much color to my world when Nikky's in it. And when I don't hear from him or read something he's written, I notice it more by the lack of that color than anything else. "He's conspicuous by his absence." He's missed. And then, when I do hear from him or read his LJ, I'm struck by all that color flowing back in!

I'm not saying this as well as I did the first time, of course. I really wanted to capture the sense of gratitude and well-being I have that by some happy on-line accident I happened to get to know and later love such a special human being.

I hope Nikky goes on sharing himself with as many people as possible forever. I hope I have him in my life in some capacity forever, as well ... but even if I don't, I'd like to think of him just as he is ... smart, serious, silly, goofy, emotional and caring ... and unafraid of revealing all these sides of himself and many more.

I couldn't think of a better way of sharing my feelings about such a special person than by doing it here in front of my LJ friends. For those of you who don't have him as a friend (if there are any on my list), you should add him: nk_seashore And get to know him better. You'll never be sorry.
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i got you

Oh my gosh, Carrie's back!

Wow, I haven’t written in this thing in months! Not sure why, really, but it just didn’t fit in. The year 2003 has been a memorable one, too darn serious, too reflective ... I’m ready to get back to some fun!

First, there was the 20th anniversary of my parents’ death. It sent me into a tailspin ... then the old boyfriend thing, which started out as a distraction ... and now I’m less than a month from having the trust fund dissolved!

Yeah, I’ll receive my Master’s Degree on Howie D’s birthday – August 22! He’ll turn 30, and I’ll officially be an “heiress” (I guess). And now I’ll have to deal directly with an accountant and a lawyer, instead of Pommy being my official guardian.

I guess it’s about time ...

I don’t plan to change a thing ... I’m going to continue to live the same way and invest the same way. And I’ll probably get a full time job at the first of next year, but I’m still vacillating.

I’m not sure I’m ready to be a real “adult” at this point. I’m not even sure I know what that means.

When I got the chance to meet Mistress Marilyn a couple weeks ago, we talked about this. She doesn’t feel she’s ever really become what people think of as “adult.” But she works constantly and is very responsible for herself and for her sister Charlie. She doesn’t think working defines adulthood, any more than having children does or owning property.

I guess it’s a mystery to me, too. I want to stay young at heart ... like she is, like Nikky is, like I’ve always been.

It was wonderful to meet Marilyn, by the way, even though it was a short visit. She was in Delray Beach at a conference, and she didn’t have a lot of free time. She’s just like I thought she’d be, smart and fun. And very young ... especially for her age.

I have so many people I want to add to my friends list. Nikky’s turned me on to a lot of new folks at LJ, and I feel so out of it.

Well, let me shout out to all my pals in the LJ world ... I hope your lives are going well and your summers are full of sun! Can’t wait to catch up.
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Dr. Atkins is dead!

I'm just sick right now, hearing that Dr. Atkins died of a head injury. I feel this is a real loss to nutrition and medicine ... and it makes me very sorry that he won't live to see the world acknowledge how right he is.

In the meantime, I'd give anything for a nice big milkshake! (Sorry, Doc.)

Just had to post this.
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Run day wishes ...

Leave it to me to procrastinate and not get this up here sooner!

I just wanted to dash off a quick entry and wish my training buddy Mistress Marilyn good luck on her race today!

I hope it's not too cold ... and that you * don't * have rain during your run.

Honest, you've been in my thoughts all week long. I kept meaning to write in here, but hope you got my encouraging email.

Best of luck!
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Food and exercise, exercise and food ...

Okay, I’m a bit stiff today. My quads are somewhat sore, and my hamstrings and gluts are a bit stiff (maybe they’ll turn sore later). I’m drinking water, and I wrote out a run schedule for the next several weeks, just to see what it looks like on paper.

I had some beef jerky and meatballs for lunch, as well as some cheese. Since Mistress Marilyn is also on the Atkins diet, this whole thing works so well for us! I was on an absolute carbo binge this weekend, eating raisinettes, popcorn and crackers on top of the meat and cheese thing ... I also had a couple glasses of merlot last night ... the diet is much more challenging than the exercise for me!

Wonder how other people are doing on their respective eating plans. Deb was dropping some weight on an unspecified plan ... same with FatJoey (who might end up in danger of having to change his name). Mary from RC Friends had also lost weight in the past few months.

I really don’t want to lose any weight – just get rock hard and be very fit. If I want to continue modeling, I can’t get too muscular ... but I’d like to go for some really defined abs and arms without being bulky ... the protein is what helps with all that, since you don’t retain all the water that carbs cling to.

I’m well aware that Fat Tuesday is just one week away! Since I know it’s looming, I feel like I can continue to eat up the red vines and raisinettes in the next week or so.

Anyway, time to get another glass of water and finish a paper that’s due tomorrow.

(btw, Pommy’s cold is better, and I’m very relieved! She was back on the golf course this morning.)
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ani-red hot

Did it!

Made my ten miles! And I just got an email from Mistress Marilyn that she made hers, too. Sounds like it was pretty cold during her run ... that wasn't a problem for me. We had very different times ... she was pretty disgusted with hers ... but for both of us it was the first ten-mile run of our lives!

Very exciting! They say if you can run ten miles, you can run the 13 necessary for the half-marathon. But I don't think I could have done it today!

So, quick slash list update:

Last night network TV had one of the all-time slash movies, 'The Fugitive.' Anybody who *doesn't* see the pairing of Sam Gerard and Dr. Kimble is just blind! That scene at the end in the car, with Gerard putting the ice-bag on Kimble's hands and putting his arm up around him ... ohmygosh, it's classic! And he's calling him "Richard" and doing that cute smile and "Don't tell anybody" thing ... which has a lot of meaning for me. The next scene definitely would have taken place in a bedroom.

And then I watched one of my 'cult classics' on cable, 'Revenge.' Oh, yeah, this has a ton of slash. First of all, the father/son slashy pairing of Jay Cochran (Kevin Costner) and Tiberone Mendez (Anthony Quinn). Mendez loves Cochran so much, he gives him every chance to get out of the mess he's in. But Cochran has to have Tibby's wife, because he's too 'straight' to go for Mendez. Then later, after the first act of revenge takes place, Cochran hooks up with one of my fave hot characters, Amador (Miguel Ferrer). Ohmygod, there are just sparks between these two. And Cochran is now ten times hotter, with a great scar on his face and a constant grim look.

The great scene where Tibby and Jay finally make up should have ended in bed.

Anyway, that's a quick update.

Meeting friends in a few secs ... gotta jet as Czar Nikky would say! (Welcome back to Evamaria, who is all over LJ today. Yes, you'll love 'The Persian Boy.' It's just too, too good! Reminds me that Leo should get back to that Howie love/sex journal!)
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Just Carrie stuff --

Pommy has a little cold, and I’m trying not to obsess about it. She certainly isn’t ‘elderly’ by my take on that term, but I can’t help worrying about complications whenever she gets the least bit sick. I guess this comes from really having no other family but her (and an aunt, uncle and cousin, that is). When you lose your parents at a young age, maybe you’re just afraid of the thought of losing someone else.

I have to admit I don’t think that much about it, really. I was lucky to be raised by my grandmother, and we’re wonderful friends more than anything. Sometimes I don’t tell her enough how much I love and appreciate her ... for that matter, do any of us tell each other enough?

Anyway, I’ve been fortunate to avoid ‘bugs’ this season (I mean the kind that make you sick). It’s easier here in Florida, because it’s not freezing cold ... but the air conditioning can sometimes breed germs and spread them. And all the tourists bring their germs with them. The flu season is the flu season, whether you live in Kansas or Hawaii!

Wow, Nikky was Czar Spammer yesterday! Plus he wrote a fic! He must have had some sort of inspiration, since he’s been a Sims hermit for the past week or so ... and he’s totally outdone me on the slash lists. I gotta think up some really good ones in the next few days!

Nikky also took the time to make my Trista/Tristan icon (thank you, baby!). He worked hard on it, but I’m pretty disappointed with the Tristan photos. Oh, well. He may tweak it or go black & white.

Ran for an hour last night. Taking tonight off, doing upper body on Saturday, then getting up early Sunday and hitting the trail. If I’m going to do an early morning race, I better start training in the early morning! (ugh ugh ugh)

Got a surprise email from Mistress Marilyn about the half-marathon! She’s hoping to do one herself around her birthday (first part of April). She wants to be long-distance training buddies. How great! She’s agreed to get up Sunday morning, as well. Since we have a couple time zones between us, I’ll be done before she starts, probably ... but we’re going to encourage each other. (what fun!)

“Are You Hot?” just rocked last night! (why do I love that show ... nobody else seems to) I had a few friends who tried out but didn’t make it. No, I’m not ‘hot’ enough for that show (and like I pointed out somewhere, my upper legs don’t touch in the center and that’s evidently a no-no.) But I just really admire these people with the guts to get up there. And they are physically beautiful. The guys seem more so than the girls, at least last night. But I loved Wendy, the natural cowgirl ... she was much more like me, rather than the big-busted blondes.

That’s all the time I have. Didn’t bring a lunch today, so I’m starving now (after a scone and a latte). And I could use a nap, since I ran around midnight last night. But overall I’m feeling good and motivated ... and even a little ‘hot’!
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i got you

Trista ...

Okay, I’m just a big sap ... I’m not afraid to admit it. I watched every second of the final ‘Bachelorette’ and I even cried ... Ryan would have been devastated if she hadn’t selected him. So even though I don’t really see Ryan and Trista together, I was glad she chose him. And Charlie will be okay.

Hey, what about Charlie and Ryan together? Is there any slash potential there? (I don’t think I see it.)

Yikes, I’m sore today, evidently from the gym the day before. How could I be that out of shape already? One week away from ab exercises, and they’re just screaming today!

Funny that Nikky and I crossed our posts yesterday ... I love it when things like that happen.

Slash couples:

Denis and Barclay from ‘Out of Africa.’ Was there something going on with them before Barclay hooked up with the native woman? Seems like there could have been (at least in my imagination).

Kevin & Carson (on TRL this week). Can’t figure who’d be the bottom here, but why not go for it anyway? I caught at least one leer Kevin threw Britney’s way, but he’s only human.

Enough of that already. I have to mention Brian Littrell’s birthday. And now I have to rush off (and get back to work).
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It's getting warm in here ...

Poor, poor Nikky! I’m so sorry for him.

I’ll try not to mention that it was 80 degrees here today, because I know how he and his family have suffered in the horrible cold. (Have I ever mentioned that I hate snow, except in a photo or movie or something ... as long as it’s not really touching me in any way, and even then it can make me shiver in a bad way.)

Anyway, it was nice to be Nikky’s LJ Valentine, but it was frustrating to have somebody else choose me – and the stupid announcement doesn’t say who! So, I had a mystery valentine, and I have no idea how to find out who it is ... if whoever it is happens to read this, please let me know! It’s so flattering and fun, but what a flaw that the stupid thing doesn’t even let you know who chose you!

Tomorrow is Brian Littrell’s birthday. (He’s really 28?!) Hmmm ... “Backstreet Men” doesn’t really ring my bell ... I’m glad most guys stay “boys” their whole lives! I put a couple announcements at the lists, hoping someone would unveil a new fic tomorrow. But unless JamesR stays up all night tonight, it probably won’t happen!

Just thought I’d mention, I have two weeks left of gorging on the sweets. After Fat Tuesday (March 4 for you non-Catholics), I plan on giving up desserts, ice cream, candy and other major treats through Easter. It’s the only way I’ll ever get really serious about Dr. Atkins’ plan! (btw, alcohol does not count as a “sweet,” regardless of the sugar or carbs)

So, can I be ready to do a half-marathon by April? That’s a long way to run ... (don't laugh, Nikky!)

Nikky, where are you? Holed up with a game of Sims? Have you invented a ‘Carrie’ yet? Are you staying warm? Email me immediately and let me know you’re okay! I’m listening to Nick Carter and sipping some wine – decided to skip the run and just veg. It’s going down to a chilly 65 degrees tonight, so I gotta stay bundled up!

Before I get any more annoying, I better sign off!
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Happy Birthday, Czar Nikky!

Been waiting to post this, so it better work this time--been having trouble with LJ and my internet connection today!

Hope you have a fabulous day! Wish you were here!

And here's what we'd do if you were here: We'd drive to Key West, have a burger and a beer and let the wind blow our hair like crazy and see if we could get it tangled together ... we'd play Journey and Nick Carter all the way and have a big Slurpee ... we'd buy three pairs of sunglasses apiece and keep trading them off to see if one another would notice (I'd probably win this game, too) ... we'd see how many parts of our bodies could touch without sex becoming an issue (I believe I could use a toe on the back of your neck and drive you wild, but I'd like to test that) ... we'd really find out who can hit the highest note (singing, I mean) ... we'd have the creamiest cheesecake in south Florida (sorry, Dr. Atkins!) ... I'd teach you to appreciate a good Lemon Drop (it doesn't have to be so sticky) ... if the Lemon Drops were sticky, I'd promise to wash your fingers and face for you ... I would never put a sticky finger in your hair, believe me!

Well, I could go on and on. And I don't feel comfortable saying a whole lot more. I'd love to be spending this day with you, but since I can't, I can imagine a lot of fun stuff to do. (And I'll send you more in a private email later!)

In the meantime, hope your present arrives today (it better!).

Have a wonderful birthday--you deserve it!

I love you!