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Thankful for Nikky ...

(okay, I'm nearly crying because I wrote a wonderful post and then lost it -- my own fault, I admit -- but it's so frustrating!)

I got an email from Nikky today, and it made me feel so warm and happy, I just had to share. I hope I can recreate what I was writing originally (before I was interrupted by an awful call from a friend who just went back on chemotherapy), although I know it's nearly impossible.

I know we all can be self-centered sometimes. I'm certainly a great example of that. Recently it's been all about me and less about my friends and the rest of the world. It's wonderful when someone just reaches out and says it's okay to put yourself first and give yourself a break sometimes. I know we all deserve one, but sometimes it's hard to remember. So, thank you, Nikky, for reminding me.

I love how unexpected Nikky is. How does he know when I need one of his wonderful emails or one of his beautiful icons? It's like magic!

I'm so lucky to know a person as giving as Nikky. He just has so much to give, like his advice and his experience. He's so generous with his knowledge and his know-how, and he shares nearly every day with people at his LJ communities. Mostly he's generous with himself, with his emotions and his opinions and his passions.

He's become a wonderful icon-maker, for instance, and he's always open to helping others (like me!) learn his tricks. (Which reminds me that I could use some new icons pretty soon ...)

He was the same way with fic-writing. I think he was never appreciated as much as he deserved for all his fabulous feedback and efforts to help others improve (for what that's worth ...).

His zest ... his zeal ... his childlike appreciation for things. There are so many things that bring so much color to my world when Nikky's in it. And when I don't hear from him or read something he's written, I notice it more by the lack of that color than anything else. "He's conspicuous by his absence." He's missed. And then, when I do hear from him or read his LJ, I'm struck by all that color flowing back in!

I'm not saying this as well as I did the first time, of course. I really wanted to capture the sense of gratitude and well-being I have that by some happy on-line accident I happened to get to know and later love such a special human being.

I hope Nikky goes on sharing himself with as many people as possible forever. I hope I have him in my life in some capacity forever, as well ... but even if I don't, I'd like to think of him just as he is ... smart, serious, silly, goofy, emotional and caring ... and unafraid of revealing all these sides of himself and many more.

I couldn't think of a better way of sharing my feelings about such a special person than by doing it here in front of my LJ friends. For those of you who don't have him as a friend (if there are any on my list), you should add him: nk_seashore And get to know him better. You'll never be sorry.
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