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Oh my gosh, Carrie's back!

Wow, I haven’t written in this thing in months! Not sure why, really, but it just didn’t fit in. The year 2003 has been a memorable one, too darn serious, too reflective ... I’m ready to get back to some fun!

First, there was the 20th anniversary of my parents’ death. It sent me into a tailspin ... then the old boyfriend thing, which started out as a distraction ... and now I’m less than a month from having the trust fund dissolved!

Yeah, I’ll receive my Master’s Degree on Howie D’s birthday – August 22! He’ll turn 30, and I’ll officially be an “heiress” (I guess). And now I’ll have to deal directly with an accountant and a lawyer, instead of Pommy being my official guardian.

I guess it’s about time ...

I don’t plan to change a thing ... I’m going to continue to live the same way and invest the same way. And I’ll probably get a full time job at the first of next year, but I’m still vacillating.

I’m not sure I’m ready to be a real “adult” at this point. I’m not even sure I know what that means.

When I got the chance to meet Mistress Marilyn a couple weeks ago, we talked about this. She doesn’t feel she’s ever really become what people think of as “adult.” But she works constantly and is very responsible for herself and for her sister Charlie. She doesn’t think working defines adulthood, any more than having children does or owning property.

I guess it’s a mystery to me, too. I want to stay young at heart ... like she is, like Nikky is, like I’ve always been.

It was wonderful to meet Marilyn, by the way, even though it was a short visit. She was in Delray Beach at a conference, and she didn’t have a lot of free time. She’s just like I thought she’d be, smart and fun. And very young ... especially for her age.

I have so many people I want to add to my friends list. Nikky’s turned me on to a lot of new folks at LJ, and I feel so out of it.

Well, let me shout out to all my pals in the LJ world ... I hope your lives are going well and your summers are full of sun! Can’t wait to catch up.
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First, I have to mention how lovely that icon is! (Very nice summery feeling...)

Many congratulations on your upcoming graduation! So few people ever manage to get a Masters degree. You should be quite proud of yourself. (Obviously lovely -- and brilliant to boot! Ah.)

I was just wondering recently about the 'czarina' side of our young and oh-so-interesting 'czar.' (You seem equally interesting, so I can see why you two are a couple.) A delight to have the chance to actually know you...

I'm delighted to hear how hard you've worked on your studies -- and about your plans for the future. So many young women (and men, too) of means don't ever find it necessary to find jobs! Bravo.

Hope to see you posting more frequently in future...

Missed you! Glad to see you back!

(Sorry to hear about the anniversary of your parents' death. I guess I didn't know they were dead, even though I knew you talked about your grandmother usually.)

Mistress M has said nothing but great things about you.

Stick around!

Just wanted to say 'hello.'