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Did it!

Made my ten miles! And I just got an email from Mistress Marilyn that she made hers, too. Sounds like it was pretty cold during her run ... that wasn't a problem for me. We had very different times ... she was pretty disgusted with hers ... but for both of us it was the first ten-mile run of our lives!

Very exciting! They say if you can run ten miles, you can run the 13 necessary for the half-marathon. But I don't think I could have done it today!

So, quick slash list update:

Last night network TV had one of the all-time slash movies, 'The Fugitive.' Anybody who *doesn't* see the pairing of Sam Gerard and Dr. Kimble is just blind! That scene at the end in the car, with Gerard putting the ice-bag on Kimble's hands and putting his arm up around him ... ohmygosh, it's classic! And he's calling him "Richard" and doing that cute smile and "Don't tell anybody" thing ... which has a lot of meaning for me. The next scene definitely would have taken place in a bedroom.

And then I watched one of my 'cult classics' on cable, 'Revenge.' Oh, yeah, this has a ton of slash. First of all, the father/son slashy pairing of Jay Cochran (Kevin Costner) and Tiberone Mendez (Anthony Quinn). Mendez loves Cochran so much, he gives him every chance to get out of the mess he's in. But Cochran has to have Tibby's wife, because he's too 'straight' to go for Mendez. Then later, after the first act of revenge takes place, Cochran hooks up with one of my fave hot characters, Amador (Miguel Ferrer). Ohmygod, there are just sparks between these two. And Cochran is now ten times hotter, with a great scar on his face and a constant grim look.

The great scene where Tibby and Jay finally make up should have ended in bed.

Anyway, that's a quick update.

Meeting friends in a few secs ... gotta jet as Czar Nikky would say! (Welcome back to Evamaria, who is all over LJ today. Yes, you'll love 'The Persian Boy.' It's just too, too good! Reminds me that Leo should get back to that Howie love/sex journal!)
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