Carrie Dorough (czarina_carrie) wrote,
Carrie Dorough

Happy Birthday, Czar Nikky!

Been waiting to post this, so it better work this time--been having trouble with LJ and my internet connection today!

Hope you have a fabulous day! Wish you were here!

And here's what we'd do if you were here: We'd drive to Key West, have a burger and a beer and let the wind blow our hair like crazy and see if we could get it tangled together ... we'd play Journey and Nick Carter all the way and have a big Slurpee ... we'd buy three pairs of sunglasses apiece and keep trading them off to see if one another would notice (I'd probably win this game, too) ... we'd see how many parts of our bodies could touch without sex becoming an issue (I believe I could use a toe on the back of your neck and drive you wild, but I'd like to test that) ... we'd really find out who can hit the highest note (singing, I mean) ... we'd have the creamiest cheesecake in south Florida (sorry, Dr. Atkins!) ... I'd teach you to appreciate a good Lemon Drop (it doesn't have to be so sticky) ... if the Lemon Drops were sticky, I'd promise to wash your fingers and face for you ... I would never put a sticky finger in your hair, believe me!

Well, I could go on and on. And I don't feel comfortable saying a whole lot more. I'd love to be spending this day with you, but since I can't, I can imagine a lot of fun stuff to do. (And I'll send you more in a private email later!)

In the meantime, hope your present arrives today (it better!).

Have a wonderful birthday--you deserve it!

I love you!
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