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Slash coupling--

Czar Nikky and I have this game we're playing. Everything we watch on TV (within reason), we come up with our most likely slash pairing ... and then we try to convince each other (at varying degrees of success, lol).

So this is really giving me a workout, because I see so much stuff during a week. I've been just emailing this stuff to Nikky, but why not put it up in my LJ? Gives me something to write about!

So here are some of the pairings from this week:

'Signs': This is a classic incest pairing. The brothers are so together in my mind. They are definitely one another's s.o.s ... but how they make the leap from partners to lovers might be an interesting story. Nikky and I have had at least one really good IM session over this one.

'American Idol': No, I can't put Simon and Randy together. So I'll just have to make a leap and refer back to the old Simon/Justin G. pairing or my Simon/R.J. Helton story (no, I never finished it).

'The Razor's Edge': I finally saw this movie (from 1946 -- not AC/DC music or the Bill Murray remake), and now I guess I'm going to have to read the book (by Somerset Maugham). I found the movie hard to sit through, honestly. (Slight digression: Why did the gorgeous Gene Tierney always end up playing a bitch?) Anyway, I guess when Larry Darrell (Tyrone Power) was hypnotizing the weak Gray (John Payne) to get over his migraines, the latter fell in love with him. The sad part is, the perfect Larry was too gentlemanly and esoteric to take advantage of the situation. So, it's kind of a slash crash.

'Star Search': The Carter Boys, of course! They start out with a disagreement over one of the contestants, Nick starts to pound on Aaron, and they end up in flagrante delicto, as often happens.

'The First Olympics': Don't know this mini-series? It was a great one, and they often repeat it on the 'True' movie network. And of course, it's a great show for us David Caruso fanatics, because he was a very young hottie in this. The definite stand-out slash pairing is between his character, the scrappy Irishman Jamie who is a champion jumper, and the upper-crust Skip (Alex Hyde-White), a middle-distance runner. When Skip brings the bottle of ouzo to Jamie's room the night before one of his race finals, you have to wonder if it was a hurt leg that really caused Skip to limp through the race and end up settling for the silver medal! Then, when Jamie rides a bicycle and recites poetry while Skip struggles through the marathon and finally collapses -- and Jamie ends up holding him on the ground -- you have to expect the next scene to take place in bed.

'CSI': This week's repeat was the one about the murderous-but-hot Brad Pitt type who took the CSI team to court to fight their evidence. My slash pairing would be Warrick and Nick. They had to comfort each other after their disastrous courtroom appearances ... maybe they got drunk and ended up in bed. Or, you could argue for some fem-slash here with Sara and Catherine doing the same. Wait ... the best scenario would be: Grissom takes Warrick and Nick out to reassure them and ends up directing a sex scene between them!

'Lord of the Rings' (the first one): Aragorn and Boromir, of course. This is a classic slash pairing in my book ... I just love it, especially when Boromir dies (tragedy makes for great slash).

I missed 'CSI: Miami' and 'Without a Trace' this week (thank God). And 'Law & Order: SVU.'

'Mothman Prophecy': Saw this on cable, and I'm reaching here. I guess the Richard Gere character (don't know his name and don't care enough to look it up) and his partner at work (played by the bartender with one ball on Sex & the City) could comfort one another. But it seemed like try as hard as the little guy did, he could never get Gere to party with him (or do anything much). It's a stretch. More likely Gere would climb into bed with the weird dude (played by Will Patton) who saw and talked to the Mothman. (Speaking of this movie, can somebody out there explain the weird name the Mothman used for himself? I kept waiting for an explanation of this.)

Digression regarding 'Mothman Prophecies': Well, I was glad I already knew the story of what happened in Point Pleasant (back in the 60s, actually), because it helped me understand the movie. This was definitely no 'Signs'!

I guess that's about it for this week. I'm probably forgetting some great slash pairings, but I need to go gather up my dry cleaning (which I do every two or three months).

Just IMed with Nikky and he's in a pretty interesting mood today. There's a lot going on with him lately, and it just reminds me what a very special person he is and how lucky I am to be close to him. I told him I was finally posting this, so I better get to it.

(Hey, even Miami has been cold this week! I'm going to lodge an official winter protest!)
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