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Back to normal ...

Okay, I went on a carbohydrate binge last night. I was like a vacuum cleaner, hoovering up everything left in my place. Any bad thing I didn't eat (which wasn't much, believe me), I threw away. So hopefully now I won't be tempted.

(Dr. Atkins was on Larry King Live last night. Timing is everything.)

It's actually nice to be back on a schedule, even if I'm not used to it yet. Two weeks of vacation is about all I can take.

Did I ever mention that Nikky completed the requirements for his undergraduate degree? He'll probably get it in the spring, but it sounds like he's not planning on taking the walk. So we'll both get degrees at the same time (albeit in the mail)!

(naturally, I'm older and wiser ... and my degree will reflect that, lol!)

I should say congratulations to him in this journal for that accomplishment. I know he's taken time off to work and to travel ... and he's also crammed major hours in when he could. And I know how hard it is to both work and go to school, so I really admire people who do it (like Nikky has and Evamaria does). It takes a lot of mental energy and physical stamina!

So, 'Signs' is out today! I need to pick up the DVD after work. I'm so excited to have it. I love that movie! It's so unusual ... it really defies description. And the whole alien thing is so unimportant compared to the more fundamental story about faith and destiny. I love stories that find new ways to explore these concepts, and this movie really does. It's amazing. (And the DVD has new scenes and stuff on it!)

Yesterday was the anniversary of Nik's breakup with Deb, so he was pretty immersed in it. He's been re-reading lots of old emails and things recently, so I knew he was working up to it. I felt happy for him that he could get some of his feelings off his chest in LJ. It's not like feelings go away, especially love. And even if the pain isn't as intense, sometimes the questions remain. "What if?" is one of the questions burned into the human spirit. There's no changing that.

Anyway, it's a whole new year, and this one is starting out better than last year for Nikky. It seems like he's come so far, and he's someone always determined to continue to get farther and farther (as a human being). I'm lucky to know him at this point in his life (just as Deb and Mistress Marilyn and Kevin and others have been lucky to know him well in the past, if that makes any sense).

Grammy nominations came out today. It's sad not to have Backstreet nominated in any categories, but of course Eminem is up for best album and best single (not to mention in the rap category). Britney is up for best pop album! She doesn't have a chance in the world to win, but I thought it was great she got nominated.

I tried to watch and enjoy CSI:Miami last night. I really tried. Even without that woman on the show, I still find it much less accessible than the original CSI. And it's troublesome to me. Why is David Caruso so unappealing in the Horatio role? I'm just not sure. I'll keep trying, but I may give it up soon.

Well, I need to get some stuff done, so I'll sign off. I haven't heard from Nikky, so hope all is well with him and all my other LJ friends!
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