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Politics and junk--

So I finally found this entry I made into word processing ages ago and never posted. Might as well go ahead and put it up.

Okay, so have I mentioned how the whole politics thing with Nikky drives me crazy sometimes? Well, I have to admit that it's kinda funny really ... you have to have a sense of humor about it, or it would drive you nuts.

But how can I be so close to this dyed-in-the-wool Republican? I mean, how can Nikky be such a liberal person and be a dyed-in-the-wool Republican? It's so funky.

So I wrote him this email and asked him how he felt about supporting an administration that had just decided to rape the forests and restrict the rights of homosexuals (not to mention endangering Roe vs. Wade). And he reminded me that it was the Democrat-controlled Congress that put Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court. He seems to think that parties don't matter as much as I think.

Well, he's probably right. If there's one thing he knows (and there's far more than one thing), it's the political landscape.

Anyway, it works for Arnold Schwarznegger and Maria Shriver. And lots of other couples. But sometimes I get worked up, and I wonder how it can.

And this whole potential war with Iraq (did I say "potential"?) just freaks me out. It's such a crock.

Well, one of the things I love about Nikky is how smart he is and how much we can talk about things -- not just pop culture things. Sometimes when we don't agree, we have our best conversations.

But I can't help dig him every time something happens. Like Bush firing his economic advisors (as if that will do any good).

Oh, well. Enough of that! I've still got to do my treadmill run (and I had such a lousy run on Wednesday, so I'm procrastinating) and I've been fooling around for hours, emailing Nikky and commenting in LJ. This is the last weekend before I return to work and school, so I need to make the most of it.

Hello to all my new LJ friends! I've added so many recently, and it's really very cool.
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