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Just fooling around in LJ!

What fun! I have so many new friends at LJ now, and it's great to go and read their journals. I've spent much of today just commenting on other people's comments, which I usually don't do. Anyway, you can tell I'm still on vacation, because I'm really enjoying my leisure time right now.

Later I might tell about my New Year's Eve. (No, I didn't go to that Versace party, but I didn't hang around the convent either.)

So does anyone read these Lawrence Sanders books about a detective named Archie McNally? They aren't written by Sanders anymore (is he dead?), but the series goes on anyway.

I just got the latest paperback, and I'm about to start it. But before I do, I'm ready to be annoyed by all the things that annoy me about this guy. First of all, he never seems to really age, even though he's been pushing 40 for like eight or ten years. And he makes references to artists and pop culture from the 40s and 50s and 60s all the time, so he's either a complete geek or he's the product of reincarnation. (Yes, I know who Frank Sinatra was and the Rat Pack ... and I watch old movies with stars long dead so I've heard of Myrna Loy and Marilyn Monroe and Cary Grant, but I also often refer to Eminem or Nick Carter or Tom Cruise in my day-to-day musings.) If Archie McNally is 40 years old, it means he was born in 1961 or '62. So while he might remember growing up during the hippie years, Nixon and the Vietnam War, he's going to be more nostalgic about disco (can you be?) than swing.

What's with this Archie? (And who has the name Archie?)

So why do I read these books if they annoy me? First of all, it's the Florida setting. He often gets this so right. Secondly, the books are entertaining and often funny. There's something whimsical about this extremely old-fashioned guy solving modern-day mysteries while he tools around in his Miata. (Archie, time to get a new ride, bud!)

Anyway, I have a feeling these books are written for people far older than I am, who want to believe that the 'younger generation' could take after Archie and not Marshall Mathers. (Can you imagine a rapping detective, solving the disappearance of a debutante in Detroit?) But they're still clever books, and they always make me hungry. Whoever this guy is that writes for Sanders now, he keeps up the tradition of describing food and booze so your mouth just waters.

On second thought, maybe I better hold off starting this book until I finish that Atkins book!
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