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On vaca!

Wow, I've 'lost' at least one entry in this journal. Wrote it out somewhere and can't find it. Is it at work on my computer? Is it at school? Is it on a diskette somewhere? It's not here at home, so I guess I won't know for sure until I get back to school and work (which luckily is still two weeks away)!

Am I brain dead or something? It's like, I don't need to use all this brain power, so just turn it off! Let's give the grey matter a rest, I guess.

(Hi, Alex and Evamaria. Yes, I'm very into 'Lord of the Rings' myself right now. It's fun to be into something different.)

Which is one of the things I love about Nikky. He's so eclectic. He loves lots of different kinds of music and so many different books and movies and t.v. shows. There's nothing off limits with him, and when he doesn't like something, he lets you know. But it's always open for discussion.

And he's so damn well read. He can talk about so many different books, whether it's fiction or biography or a writing manual. It reminds me all the time how I need to read more. I rely waaay too much on the boob tube and the computer to get my information about the world.

Sorry to hear Evamaria is still feeling sick. I'm so lucky to be healthy as a horse, with nothing but an occasional headache or cramps during that time of the month. (Knocking on wood here.) I've had a surprisingly healthy 'winter' (it really helps to be in south Florida, believe me), and I didn't even catch anything when all the people in my office were sniffling and snorting.

Instead, I've been working out more than I have all year. I'm now into my sixth week of treadmill work. I've dropped a couple pounds (which is a big deal for me) and I'm seeing some changes in my body. My legs are really getting thin and taut. (very cool!)

In fact, I've been adding so much mileage to my running, I'm thinking of working up to a really long race in the spring or summer (or maybe autumn). I couldn't be ready to do the Disney World marathon by January (which is when I think it is), but who knows how far along I'll be in a few months. I'm really going to force the issue and see.

Subject change--

Well, if I suddenly decided to go to the New Year's celebration at the Versace mansion, it would cost $350 (unless I can find some tool willing to get me in for free or pay my way). No way do I want to party bad enough to pay that much, even one so high-profile and "exclusive." The best thing about it will be the 'costumes' dresses the women will wear. Anyway, I think I'll spend a quiet New Year's for the first time in years. It will do me some good.

I think I'll actually get this posted and then do my laundry. At least I'll have accomplished something. Hello to all and merry Christmas (if I don't get back to this LJ before Wednesday)!
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