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Who Needs the World?

Listening to this Nick Carter song makes me think of being in Key West when Nikky visited. He wanted so much to go to the Keys (he just loves Key West!), so we went ahead and drove down, even though Isidore was maybe becoming a hurricane and heading for Cuba. (If you worry about every tropical depression around Florida, you'd never go out of your house!)

When we were there, we did get hit with big rain a couple times, those storms that just seem like they'll wash the place away, then disappear and sun just materializes. It's something about Florida that I just love, and it made for a wonderful day and a half in Key West.

I stare at your face
Into your eyes
Outside there's so much passing us by

All of the sounds
All of the sights
Over the earth and under the sky

Too much cold and too much rain
Too much heartache to explain

Who needs the world when I've got you--
Switched off the sun the stars and the moon
I've all I need inside of this room
Who needs the world when I got you?

We'd get really hungry and want to get something, but it would be pouring and windy. So we'd go out anyway, get blown and soaked, and then just laugh and laugh about it.

It was so cozy when it was stormy, we almost wished for more. We listened to Milennium and Black & Blue and Journey. We drank wine. We talked about everything, like literature and politics and fanfic. We even danced -- alone in our room!

I walk on the street
Talk in the dark
I see people--strangers--fallin' apart
I open my arms, try to be true ...
Seems like my only truth is you

Am I wrong or am I right?
All I want is you tonight

Who needs the world when I've got you--
Switched off the sun the stars and the moon
I've all I need inside of this room
Who needs the world when I've got you

Who needs the stars so bright--
and the grass so green
and the mornin' light?
Who needs the wind to blow--
and the tide to rise
Who needs it?
I don't know--
I don't know!

It was so wonderful and romantic and even beyond romance. It was almost spiritual, if that makes sense. It was something I'll never forget.

And the minute I heard this song (the final track on Nick's cd), I just got this huge memory of that time in Key West passing over me. Everybody should experience that time with another human being where you feel like you don't need anything else ... and it doesn't matter if it pours down rain or if the wind blows. All we needed was the time in that room to get to know one another. And it was like we had already known each other our whole lives!

(And so now my favorite fanfic is his vampire story set in Key West. I just wish he'd write a Nick/Howie story set there ... hint, hint.)

Anyway, this afternoon I was listening to that song as I drove home, and I just had to write about it here. I don't really want to put too many specific details ... just capture the overall feel of it.

Whatever happens from here on out with Nikky, nothing will change that time in Key West! Which is a very lovely thought.
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